TCES Spirit Rock

please note - Spirit Rock dates for the 2020/2021 school year will (tentatively) be released On August 27th @ 7 PM .  Make sure you get to the website to fill out your forms at this time.  First come first get.  

What is the Spirit Rock?

  • Our Spirit Rock is a wonderful way to publicize birthdays, accomplishments, celebrations, upcoming school events, well wishes or congratulatory messages.
  • The Painting of a Spirit Rock is one of many traditions that people participate in with their friends and family. 
  • Proceeds from the spirit rock go 100% to the programs, in-school initiatives and events for the TCES PTO.

things to note

  • For the 2020 - 2021 year you do not have to be a PTO member to rent, but there is a member and non-member rate and we sincerely hope you'll join us in the PTO.
  • PTO Member Rate:  $20 per day (non-refundable fee)*
  • PTO Non-Member Rate: $30 per day
  • Reserve the date and pay online only

how do you reserve a date & pay?

  • First sign up and pay to be a PTO member if you want the member rate (you must pay and check out before you will have access to the Spirit Rock rental forms).  You should be able to see the non-member rate rock rental form without signing up.  Note the rate difference listed above. 
  • Then fill out the rock rental date selection form
  • Finally fill the rock rental payment form and check out
  • Please note that there are 2 forms to fill out – first select the date and then pay!







  • Available for rent during the first full week of school through the last full week of school on weekdays, weekends and holidays.  No summer rentals.
  • Daily rental begins at 4 pm the day before to 4 pm the day of rock rental.  You may paint the rock anytime on/after 4 pm the day BEFORE your reservation date. (i.e. If you rent on May 2nd, you can paint on/after 4 pm on May 1st  and the message will remain up until 4 pm on May 2nd).
  • Rental is on a 1st come 1st served basis.
  • Rain or shine.
  • Renter is responsible for providing supplies and painting the rock.
  • Keep areas around TCES Rock clean and neat while painting.
  • No profane words, symbols or any derogatory or offensive messages will be permitted.
  • TCES PTO is not responsible for parents, students or others who paint the rock without reserving it.
  • TCES PTO reserves the right to block dates for school use.



Please email


* Financial assistance available.  Please contact for more details.



Thank you!
Thanks go to past TCES PTO Co-President, Jim Jeranek, and Alan Barfield with Barfield Grading for finding the rock and getting it in place in August of 2015!  This was a HUGE undertaking and we greatly appreciate your help to bring this tradition to TCES.


Thank you also to Shannon Purser for painting the spirit rock for the PTO for the summer and also fall and for Erica Smith for being a wonderful spirit rock coordinator!  You are both so much appreciated and thanks for your creativity, time and effort.