Outstanding 2018/2019 Fun run!!!!  This is and WAS our biggest and most successful fundraiser!  Way to go Titan Family!!!!





thank you to our 2018-2019 t-shirt sponsors! 

  • Because of the generosity of our T-shirt sponsors, each student and teacher will be receiving a FREE Titan Fun Run T-shirt.  Each teacher picks the color that their class will be wearing.  The best part?  After the Fun Run, these T-shirts are used as field trip T-shirts.  This is a real money saver to both teachers and parents because they do not have to purchase field trip T-shirts! 
  • Thank you Lara Sanders, our Corporate Sponsor Chair, and Jill Blocher, our PTO CO-VP, for coordinating and securing all of these sponsors and T-shirts!

Title Sponsor














Presenting sponsors



 why do we partner with boosterthon?

  • We partner with Boosterthon to help produce this fun, athletic, team building run.  This is our third year partnering with Boosterthon.  Our highly-trained Boosterthon team works hand in hand with the PTO, school administrators, teachers, students and parents to make this event a success for our school.  For more information on Boosterthon, click here.
  • Check out this video all about the Fun Run experience and why we continue partnering with Boosterthon year after year.  https://vimeo.com/46523531