(Currently On Hold for 2020/2021 School Year)


Scheduled performances:

Veteran's Day celebration 11/8

Holiday Lunch celebration 12/13



With Jill Fuller, our Music Teacher!!


Meets every week through May 2020.


Practice times are 7:05-7:35 am.

3rd grade choir will meet every Tuesday am

4th grade choir every Wednesday am

5th grade choir every Thursday am. 


Students will be escorted from their halls on their designated day and will go to the music room together.  Choir will be a group of singers that performs in the community… Singing for Charlotte Knights games, Charlotte Checkers games, Strawberry Festival, Parades and more!  Children do not have to go to the off campus events, however, there will be many opportunities for event performances.   


Please contact Jill Fuller if you have any other questions.


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