Accelerated Reader Update 2016/2017

  • Did your child meet their goal?  The first grading period has ended and prizes are being awarded to students who have met their AR goals!  This year we have switched up the program just a little and instead of simply being given a small prize, students get to SHOP for their prize! 
  • Our theme this year is SPACE and students are rewarded for making goal with a trip to STARGET.  Students can additionally earn prizes and privileges by making into our exclusive Point Clubs, which use AR points accumulated throughout the year -- so don't give up if they didn't make goal, there are still opportunities to work toward prizes! 
  • Beginning with October, one class will earn an extra prize for being the class to take the most tests each month!   In addition to the popular before school opportunities on the library computers, iPads and Chromebooks in all classrooms have been set up to allow students to take tests at any time the teacher allows.  Students are also welcome to come to the library at any point during the day (with teacher permission) to take tests on library computers.


Thank you to Liz Haen for chairing the AR Committee!  We appreciate all that you do.

Titan Accelerated Reader Program


  • Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program that ALL STUDENTS in grades 2-5 participate in.  (There are times when a teacher feels a younger student is an appropriate match for the program, but this is currently decided on a case by case basis and is at the teacher's recommendation). Students in these grades take a computerized test called the STAR test at the beginning of the year. The purpose of this test is to get an accurate assessment of where each student's reading abilities fall and what an appropriate AR goal would be.
  • The AR program encourages students to choose books at an appropriate level and awards prizes for goals met in an effort to foster reading enjoyment as well as growth in comprehension. The basic process includes a student choosing an appropriate book, reading the book independently and then taking a short computerized test on the content of the chosen book. For each test passed with a 80% or higher success, points are then awarded. Both the AR level and number of points awarded are printed on a sticker on the first page of each book in the TCES library. Students receive prizes or privileges by earning enough points to meet their point goal (determined by the STAR test results) by the end of each nine week grading period.
  • Additionally, students receive prizes for attaining Point Club levels. Students can join a point club for accruing 25, 50, 75 or 100 points. Students do not need to meet their nine weeks goal to join point clubs and points continue to accrue throughout the year. This year we have also added a participation prize, which is awarded each month for the class in each grade that has taken the most AR tests each month. This prize will only be awarded to students in the winning class who have actually taken AR tests during the month for which the class has won the award.
  • Prize/privilege examples include things like a bookmark, permission to check out an extra book, certificates for a kids meal, invitation to an outdoor lunch, photo on the wall, access to the StarBooks Cafe, a free ice cream cone certificate and an invitation to an after school end of the year party.